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banner.104192455_stdAppliance Doctor brings Highland appliance repair services. Highland PA can count on our 41 years of appliance repair experience, knowledge, and training through our repair technicians and our friendly customer service team. Many people of the Highland PA area rely on Appliance Doctor when they need a refrigerator repair, stove repair, washer dryer repair and more. When appliances break down, whether it be a simple repair, or a challenging 2-man fix of your appliance, we have you covered! If your appliances are not running or not running properly, call us at 610-363-7070 or 610-869-0225 to schedule your Highland appliance repair service call.


Highland appliance repairs by Appliance Doctor include:
  • Broken Refrigerator Repair, Highland PA
  • Broken Washer Repairs, Highland PA
  • Broken Dryers Repairs (Gas & Electric), Highland PA
  • Broken Ice Maker Repairs, Highland PA
  • Broken Freezer Repairs, Highland PA
  • Broken Dishwasher Repairs, Highland PA
  • Broken Oven Repairs (Gas & Electric), Highland PA
  • Broken Garbage Disposers Repairs, Highland PA
  • Broken Commercial Refrigerator Repairs, Highland PA


You can always count on the Highland appliance repair services from the Appliance Doctor for your refrigerator repair, stove repair, washer dryer repair and more.

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If you are in Highland PA and need to fix a broken refrigerator or need another broken appliance repaired, call Appliance Doctor today for repair service.

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